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Commonwealth Transportation Board considers changes to Revenue Sharing Program

The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) is considering a number of changes to Virginia’s Transportation Revenue Sharing Program.  On March 14, a subcommittee comprised of CTB members met to consider the five following policy options as presented by VDOT’s Local Division Director Julie Brown:

  • Option 1: Limit total annual allocations to $5 million per locality (or $10 million per 2 year cycle).
  • Option 2: Limit the maximum allocation per project to $10 million.
  • Option 3: Limit the maximum allocation per project to $5 million.
  • Option 4: Require any local funds committed on application as part of prior Revenue Sharing allocation to be spent before additional allocations are provided.
  • Option 5: Combination of above options or Sliding Scale.

According to the presentation by Ms. Brown to subcommittee members, the following chief factors are driving considerations of the above options:

  • Oversubscribed requests for revenue sharing funds often exceed allocations.
  • “Current locality funding limits are not reasonable with statewide funding.”
  • There are new funding options (for example, “smart scale”) that were not available before.

VDOT’s staff presentation also reported that the “Revenue Sharing Program is intended to provide funding for immediately needed improvements or to supplement funding for existing projects.”

Recommended changes to the Revenue Sharing Program are likely to be presented by the subcommittee to the full CTB no later than its meetings on the 20th and 21st of that month. (CTB’s meeting schedule can be viewed on this link)

The next meeting by the Revenue Sharing subcommittee is scheduled on April 17 in Charlottesville, the day before CTB’s monthly workshop.  The location and time of the subcommittee meeting have not yet been determined. The subcommittee chair is F. Dixon Whitworth, Jr., representing VDOT’s Staunton District. The other members are Mary Hughes Hynes, Northern Virginia District; John Malbon, Hampton Roads District; and Court Rosen, At-Large CTB Member.

Late last year, VDOT’s Local Assistance Division invited localities to provide comments on possible changes to the Revenue Sharing Program. A compilation of comments submitted by local officials is available on this web link. Additional information on possible changes to the Revenue Sharing program may be directed to Julie Brown at or by phone at 804.786.7314.

VACo Contact: Larry Land, CAE

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