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Commonwealth Connect Coalition Updates and Beginning of VATI FY 2022 Process

The next meeting of the Commonwealth Connect Coalition is scheduled for March 23. Topics of discussion will include a presentation from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond on the economic impacts of broadband expansion, a recap of broadband related legislation and budget items from the 2021 General Assembly session, and an overview of the Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, which, which will provide a $50/month ($75/month on tribal lands) subsidy for the cost of internet service for select individuals for 6 months. The program will be operated directly between the FCC and broadband providers.

Additionally, meeting dates have been announced for the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) FY 2022 award process and can be reviewed below.

More information on the Commonwealth Connect Coalition, broadband funding opportunities, and resources and guidance for local governments seeking to improve broadband access can be found here.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

March 23 – Commonwealth Connect Coalition Meeting
10am – 11am
Webinar link (video and audio) –
Conference Call (audio) – 413-931-1072  Pin: 613-190-763

April 27 – VATI Guidelines Stakeholder Meeting #1
10am – 12pm

May 4 – VATI Guidelines Stakeholder Meeting #2
10am – 12pm

May 17 – VATI Guideline Public Comment Deadline

June 17 – VATI How to Apply Webinar
2pm – 4pm

July 27 – Deadline for Public Notice for VATI Applications

VACo Contacts: Jeremy R. Bennett and Joe Lerch, AICP

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