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Campbell County Congratulates the Campbell LEADS Leadership Development Program Class of 2023

RUSTBURG, VA – Campbell County is known for its dedication to professional development and ongoing cultivation of leadership skills in employees.  As such, on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 the Campbell LEADS Leadership Development Program members were recognized for their remarkable organizational presence, and dedication to continued education and outstanding public service ethic.

Recognized last year by the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo), the locality’s newly designed Campbell LEADS Leadership Development program is an internal staff development program created on the basis of a people-driven values model.  Key organizational staff identify leadership training as a core operating principle through which the organization could enhance customer service, communication, ethics, budgeting, and higher levels of institutional knowledge and collaboration.

The program lasts for approximately eight (8) months and each session focuses on a different topic.  Session content includes communication issues, leading through change, conflict management, budgeting, project and priority management.

Throughout the program, each participant receives several leadership development books which align with the topics of discussion for advanced reading. In addition, members are assigned to teams of 3-4 to address organizational and community needs, opportunities, and potential innovations for the County.  The teams tackled County campus safety, dog park needs at area parks, and options for County recycling programs. In order to form new connections in the organization, at the conclusion of the program, Campbell County provides up to 10 employees with in-depth Leadership Training to engage employees in practical, innovative and rewarding projects that benefit the larger employee base as a whole.

“Our organization believes in leadership at every level.  The Campbell County LEADS Leadership Development Program not only boosts employee engagement, but increases the organization’s ability to hire and retain the best public servants,” said Sherry Harding, one of the program founders.  “Great leaders inspire others, and share their passions in a way that enables others to feel passionate, too.  Shared values, coupled with a devotion to provide the best citizen experiences only help contribute to our organization and move our mission and vision forward.”

“Campbell County congratulates these fine public servants, and recognizes the dedication they have not only to their daily work, but to continual professional development,” notes Jordan Welborn, a fellow program founder.  “Our Campbell LEADS members prioritize cooperation and servanthood, and are engaged in making our county the best it can possibly be.  We are confident they will continue to inspire others and embody the very essence of the values we hold so dear.”

Members of the 2023 class are pictured in both photos. (Photo 1 shows community service day – Gleaning for the world) Back row – left to right: Cody Cole (Public Library), Danielle Burns (Public Safety), Arthur Robinson (Public Works), Clifton Tomlin (Public Safety), front row: Stacey Meyer (Public & Employee Relations), Lyzzie King (Public Library), Brooke Wright (County Administration), Karissa Shrader (Community Development), and Cody Everett (Community Development).

For more information, contact Campbell County Public and Employee Relations at 434-332-9818 or

(The Campbell LEADS 2023 Group chose as their group community service project to assist with packing essential items for those in need through Gleaning for the World).

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