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ARP Funds: Allowable Uses Part 1

With the infusion of ARP money into your entity’s finances, it is vital that the rules, and more importantly, the allowable uses of those funds are made clear so that you and your public entity can maximize the value of every single dollar.

View Part 1 of our resource video on those allowable uses today, as we prepare to issue Part 2 with additional information.

The video chapters within this resource have been provided for ease of finding the right guidance on the right topic.

  • Chapter 1: Allowed Use #1: Public Health Expenses
  • Chapter 2: Allowed Use #2: Negative Economic Impacts
  • Chapter 3: Allowed Use #3: Revenue Loss
  • Chapter 4: ARP Pool Benchmark Calculation
  • Chapter 5: Exceptions to Allowed Use #3
  • Chapter 6: three+one Is An Allowable Use
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