Counties Matter Challenge: Brilliant Ideas at Work

March 17, 2017

Counties play an essential role in keeping America’s communities healthy, vibrant and safe. With public and private sector partners, we pursue innovative approaches to advance public health and well-being, protect public safety and foster economic strength and resiliency.

Under the leadership of National Association of Counties (NACo) President Bryan Desloge, NACo is embarking on an initiative in 2016 and 2017 to identify and share 100 examples of visionary county leadership that result in improving residents’ quality of life.

Working with NACo members, state associations of counties and NACo affiliates, we will build an online honor roll that highlights county innovation at its best.
Through this presidential initiative, NACo is working with county leaders and partners to share best practices that bolster our nation’s ability to thrive amid ever-changing physical, social and economic conditions. Though no two of America’s 3,069 counties are alike, many face similar challenges and learn from one another’s experiences.

To remain healthy, vibrant and safe, counties anticipate and adapt to challenges by thinking outside the box and demonstrating local leadership that makes a difference in people’s lives.

We encourage counties, parishes and boroughs to submit the most innovative projects in conjunction with NACo’s Achievement Award application process.

VACo MEMBERS – Please let us know if you enter. Email

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