Counties can tell state the fiscal impact of mandates

June 10, 2013

By Ted McCormack

The Commission on Local Government has just released the schedule of state mandates on local governments that will be subject for fiscal impact review by state agencies during FY 2014. Those mandates and their assessment periods are listed below.

The Commission’s website has a description of the assessment process for mandates. In addition, their website also contains a “how to” for state agencies on determining local government fiscal impact on the mandates to be assessed.

Those instructions specifically state:

The assessment form requires information on the fiscal impact of mandates on local governments. Please note that under EO 58, section B.1(b), agencies have the ultimate responsibility for soliciting comments from local governments. Therefore, your agency will need to conduct its own outreach to local governments to gather sufficient fiscal impact data to complete your mandate assessment.

In 2006, VACo and VML worked closely with the Commission to revise the assessment to ensure that state agencies do not “go through the motions” to solicit the local government fiscal impact of their mandates. It is important, however, that counties take full advantage of all outreach opportunities offered by state agencies to comment both positively and negatively on the fiscal and other impacts of the mandates being assessed.  State agencies are required to report all comments as well as to note that no information was received from localities. The success or failure of this process depends entirely on participation by local governments.

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