Collective Wage Agreement Tv-Avh

September 14, 2021

Their basic monthly salary would be 50% of €3,489.62. 1.745,81€ in the first 12 months, then 50% of 3.870,59€ or 1.935,30€ thereafter. The annual bonus is 60%. Not sure about this 25% PhD bonus, don`t think the collective agreement is available online. Researchers usually enter into an employment contract with a university or research organization. This large group includes doctoral and post-doctoral students, but also leaders of youth groups. Researchers` salaries are set out in a collective agreement negotiated between the public sector employer and the trade unions. This is based either on the collective agreement for the civil service (TVoeD), which applies to the Land and the municipalities, or on the collective agreement for the civil service in the various Länder (TV-L). A special case is Hesse, which is not a member of the collective community of the Länder and which has concluded its own collective agreement with the trade unions, the TV-H. The rate paid by the institution concerned shall be indicated in the vacancy notice. Research often requires researchers to spend some time abroad or seek funding for scholarships. As a rule, professional experience in a research institution abroad is generally recognized in the sector, provided that they have an employment contract abroad. On the other hand, periods subsidized by a scholarship are considered only “beneficial”.

They can be considered as professional experience, but this is not guaranteed. Maternity leave, paid leave and incapacity for work of up to a maximum of 39 weeks are not considered, according to collective agreements, as interruptions in the duration spent at each level. As with all permanent academic positions in Germany, post-doc salaries are quite rigid. They are based on the same federal TV-L salary contract as the doctoral salaries. Wages are also set in the same way, taking into account the salary scale, wage level, working time and the State. Here you will find the salary calculators for each state. Post-docs are paid at E13 or (less often) E14 level, with the exact starting grade depending on how their multi-year experience (Bachelor, Master and PhD) is counted. . . .

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