Localities urge state to maintain commitment to teacher pensions

November 4, 2013

VRS Certifies Increased Employer Contribution Rates for Teachers

October 18, 2013

VRS Employer Update and Other Retirement Updates

October 9, 2013

VACo Summer Meetings focuses on education

August 21, 2013

VACoRP hosts more VLDP Opt Out solution meetings

August 14, 2013

VRS Employer Update

August 5, 2013

REMINDER: Upcoming VRS changes, Sept. 1 VLDP deadline

August 1, 2013

VRS reports magnitude of increased contribution need and unfunded liabilities

July 17, 2013

VACo PRESS RELEASE: State reports revenue surplus; time to strengthen county budgets

July 15, 2013

VRS Status Report to JLARC

July 9, 2013