cashvest® is Your Program

August 6, 2021

by Beau Blevins | cashvest® by three+one®

To Public Officials Across the Country: cashvest® is Your Program

As public officials, you know better than anyone the importance of maximizing every resource your locality has to offer. This is particularly true when it comes to managing your cash.

But how can you, as a local leader, be absolutely sure that every dollar is being put to use? And how can you know for sure if your entity’s funds are either too liquid or not liquid enough? These are the questions local treasurers, administrators, and chief investment officers have been asking themselves for decades.

Now those questions have an answer: cashvest®. It’s a program created by public officials for public officials.

The co-founders of three+one®, a public treasurer and a school official, saw the public sector’s growing need to take the guesswork out of liquidity management. They also knew that some of the best local solutions came from public servants. That’s why they designed cashvest® to harness the power of liquidity data to provide a single point of reference and give you the knowledge and control you need to put all your entity’s cash to work.

To our public officials across the nation, know this: cashvest® is your program. It’s a best management practice. It’s endorsed by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and ten other state county associations. It’s also a local solution created by local leaders to help protect taxpayers and transform communities.

I hope you’ll take advantage of your program today. Contact us to learn more on why cashvest® is the liquidity-management solution for your public entity or higher Ed institution needs.

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