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Trash receptacle screening bills canned for the year

SB 1155 (Black) and SB 1635 (Boysko) were scheduled to be heard by the Senate Local Government Committee on January 22, but ultimately Senator Richard Black and Jennifer Boysko asked that the bills be stricken from the agenda.

The legislation would have authorized a locality, by ordinance, to require that trash, garbage, refuse, litter, and other debris at any business or multi-family residential property that has a central collection receptacle be shielded or screened from view of a person standing at ground level from outside of the property on which the central collection receptacle is located.

Citing significant opposition to these bills, Senator Boysko noted that she and the interested locality agreed that the short 2019 session was not the right time to bring such legislation and that they would readdress it in advance of the 2020 session.

VACo Contact: Chris McDonald, Esq.

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