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Local Authority for Speed Limit Reduction Dies Again

This year, and in years past, a bill was introduced that gave the authority to localities to lower speed limits on roads in the state highway system located in a residential or business district to lower than 25 mph but not lower than 15 mph.  HB 1939 (Plum) would have achieved a long sought-after transportation safety policy goal of localities across the Commonwealth as this would enable localities to better respond to concerns regarding transportation safety.

HB 1939 was heard before the House Transportation Committee’s Transportation Infrastructure and Funding Subcommittee on January 24, and VACo staff was there to speak in support of the measure. Unfortunately, the Subcommittee recommended laying the bill on the table by a vote of 5-3.  VACo wants to thank Delegate Plum for carrying this bill and bringing attention to the concerns of local governments and their ability to respond to constituent concerns regarding transportation safety.

VACo Contact: James Hutzler

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