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Legislation to foster sidewalk construction during development takes step forward

VACo supports legislation that will, if adopted, provide an additional tool to counties to facilitate the construction of sidewalks to connect pedestrian networks.

SB 1663 (Barker) has passed both chambers and awaits the Governor’s signature. It’s companion, HB 1913 (Bulova), will be heard Senate Local Government Committee on February 12.

HB 1913 and SB 1663 authorize localities to adopt a provision to require a sidewalk on lots being developed or subdivided if “…the provision of a sidewalk [the need for which is substantially generated and reasonably required by the proposed development and] is in accordance with the locality’s adopted comprehensive plan.” Currently a locality may only require a sidewalk if a “… lot being subdivided or developed fronts on an existing street, and adjacent property on either side has an existing sidewalk.

VACo Contact: Joe Lerch, AICP

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