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House Version of Line of Duty Act (LODA) Benefits for Campus and Private Police Bill Falters

HB 232 (Campbell), which provides employees of contributing nonprofit private institutions of higher education and contributing private police departments with the benefits granted to employees of participating employers under the Line of Duty Act, failed to recommend reporting in the House Public Safety Committee’s Public Safety Subcommittee by a 4-2 vote. VACo supported the legislation.

The bill was drafted in response to the death of a Wintergreen Police Officer in the line of duty. There are currently less than 10 private police departments in the Commonwealth, though they provide the same services and duties of public departments. They are currently excluded from protection in LODA. VACo supports changes to LODA that would allow state authorized and trained private law enforcement agencies to participate in and contribute to the LODA program in a manner that does not create an unfunded mandate to local government and testified in support of the legislation.

The Senate companion to this legislation, SB 466 (Obenshain), has been rereferred to the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee.

VACo Contact: Jeremy R. Bennett

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