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House Rules Committee Update

On January 19, the House Rules Committee held its first hearing of the 2018 General Assembly Session. Among other bills, the Committee considered a measure to designate October 15, 2018, and in each year forward as General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Day; legislation to revise appointing authorities for the members of the Secure and Resilient Commonwealth Panel; and a bill to increase the number of Delegates appointed to the Commission on Employee Retirement Security and Pension Reform.

The Committee also discussed legislation pertaining to the Virginia Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation – HB 530 (Thomas) revises current law to allow the Speaker of the House of Delegates to make appointments to various intergovernmental boards, committees, and commissions. HB 530 changes current law, which mandates such appointments be made by the Commission on Interstate Cooperation of the House of Delegates.

VACo Contact: Angela Inglett

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