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Helpful public notice bill reports to full House

Helpful legislation introduced by Delegate Margaret Ransone that streamlines public notice procedures for localities has passed its first legislative hurdle and has been reported to the full House for consideration.

HB 2114 (Ransone) provides that in an instance in which a locality has submitted a timely notice of public hearing to a newspaper published or having general circulation in the locality and the newspaper fails to publish the notice, such locality shall be deemed to have met certain notice requirements so long as the notice was published in the next available edition.  Current law allows this only for localities located in Planning District 23 (Hampton Roads).  Delegate Ransone’s bill expands this to all localities in the Commonwealth.

VACo is grateful to have worked with Delegate Ransone on this legislation and has spoken in favor of the bill.  HB 2114 will be heard this week in the House.

VACo Contact: Chris McDonald, Esq.

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