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General Assembly releases the brakes on parking ordinance bill

HB 1818 (Delaney) and SB 1044 (Black) grant the same authority to counties of a population of at least 40,000 the same authority cities have to contract with uniformed personnel to issue a summons or parking ticket for a violation of the locality’s ordinances or regulations regarding the parking, stopping, or standing of vehicles. VACo supports additional authority that would allow localities with parking ordinances the ability to enforce such ordinances using law enforcement, uniformed local employees, or uniformed personnel under contract with the locality.

The Senate amended both the bills in committee to limit all possible fines under local parking ordinances to $75. VACo opposed the amendment as there are instances where existing fines for violations (such as for illegal parking in handicapped spots or fire lanes) are higher for legitimate public safety concerns.

Ultimately, the House rejected the Senate amendments, and conference committee agreed to strip this $75 limit from the final bill.  HB 1818 and SB 1044 now head to the governor’s desk in their original forms.

VACo was pleased to support this legislation and looks forward to the Governor signing these important bills into law.

VACo Contacts: Joe Lerch, AICP and Chris McDonald, Esq.

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