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Continue to oppose charter school bill removing local authority

HB 2416 (Davis) allows certain charter schools to appeal to the Virginia Board of Education the denial of an application establishing a charter school by a local school board. HB 2416 was referred to the House Education Committee’s Subcommittee #2, where it was heard on January 25.

VACo spoke in opposition to this measure, as did representatives from numerous school organizations, including the Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) and the Virginia Association of School Superintendents (VASS). House Education Committee reported the bill on January 30 by the on a narrow 11-10 vote.

ACTION REQUIRED – Contact your Delegates to oppose HB 2416. If communicating via letter or email, please send a copy to Jeremy Bennett at

Thank you to everyone who contacted members of the House Education Committee on this bill. The legislation now advances to the full House, where a vote must take place on Tuesday, February 5.


  • VACo has historically opposed measures that would remove the authority from local school boards to make decisions about the establishment of charter schools.
  • The bill raises possible constitutional concerns regarding the government of public schools.


Virginia House of Delegates

VACo Contact: Jeremy Bennett

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