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Class size limit bill left in Appropriations

HB 2646 (Hugo) reduces from 29 to 28 the maximum class in kindergarten, from 30 to 28 the maximum class size in grades one, two, and three; and from 35 to 29 the maximum class size in grades four, five, and six.  Although not opposed to the intent of the bill, VACo expressed concerns regarding the local fiscal impact. The estimated cost to the State was $4.7 million per year which was a through increased costs through the Standards of Quality. Local school divisions would be required to fund their local share to match any additional state funds and hire additional teachers.

On February 5, the bill was left in House Appropriations after the Elementary and Secondary Education Subcommittee voted unanimously 7-0 to lay the bill on the table at its February 1 meeting.

VACo Contact: Jeremy Bennett

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