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Bills mandate COIA and FOIA training for local elected officials

SB 1430 (Obenshain) and SB 1431 (Obenshain) mandate FOIA and COIA training for local elected officials by December 31,2019, and thereafter biennially.

SB 1430 requires the Conflicts and Ethics Advisory Commission to provide the training. In addition, this bill prohibits an attorney for the Commonwealth from also serving as a county, city or town attorney.

SB 1431 requires mandatory FOIA training from the FOIA Council for all local elected officials. Currently, local government records officers are required to take training yearly by either the FOIA Council or the local government attorney. In addition to the new training requirements, the bill eliminates a three-day notice period for a hearing on a petition for mandamus or injunction for a violation of the law.

VACo Contact: Phyllis Errico, Esq., CAE

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