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Bill that would have added weddings to definition of “Agritourism Activity” voted down

VACo opposed the problematic HB 2364 (Knight), which would have added “weddings” to the definition of “Agritourism Activity” under Code of Virginia § 3.2-6400. This is the section of the Virginia Code that limits the liability of agritourism operators for the risks of agritourism activities.  More importantly for localities is the fact that anything defined as “Agritourism Activity” then triggers section 15.2-2288.6, which limits local regulation of agritourism activity. Defining weddings as agritourism impedes local authority to address things such as impacts on neighboring property, access, parking, noise, sanitary issues and other concerns.

On February 4, HB 2364 was defeated on a 60-37 vote with one abstention. Since there is no Senate companion, this issue should be settled for the session.

Thank you VACo Members for speaking with your legislators. It made a difference.

VACo Contact: Phyllis Errico, Esq., CAE

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