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Bill Gutting Localities Ability to Regulate Solid Waste Laid on Table

SB 1365 (Lewis) would exempt Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) from local flow control ordinance by State law.  MRFs are facilities that separate recyclable materials such as metals or other recyclable products from solid waste.  The definition of a MRF, as set out in the bill, does not require these facilities to meet any standards for materials actually recovered.  Thus, the bill offers no distinction between MRFs and transfer stations except that MRFs are exempt from local flow control ordinances while transfer stations are not.

VACo spoke in opposition to SB 1365 on multiple occasions throughout its many hearings.  SB 1365 passed out of the Senate by a vote of 30-7-1 and was heard in the House Subcommittee on Natural Resources post crossover.  The bill reported out of that subcommittee 4-2 but was re-referred to the House Counties, Cities and Towns Committee where it was docketed by Subcommittee #2.  SB 1365 then reported out of Subcommittee #2 to be heard by the full committee.  SB 1365 met its ultimate fate when the House Counties, Cities and Towns Committee voted to table the legislation by a vote of 13-6 with a letter to the Waste diversion and Recycling Task Force to study the matter.

VACo thanks our members for their continued advocacy and for responding swiftly to our capitol contact alert on the issue.  VACo will continue to advocate for local authority as it relates to solid waste disposal.

VACo Contact: James Hutzler

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