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Capitol Contact ALERT – Call and email NOW to oppose HB 801


Bill prohibits local governments from imposing ‘fees’

HB 801 (Morris) is before Subcommittee #4 of the House General Laws Committee on Thursday and your call or email to subcommittee members to oppose is very important.

The bill –

Prohibits localities and the state from imposing a charge and calling it a “fee” unless the charge relates to a direct and immediate specific service, good, or permit received by the person paying the charge.

Redefines the term “fee” in state code.

Purports to tie all other government entities such as water and sewer authorities who charge fees to “direct and immediate” benefits or services or permits.

VACo Members – please contact Delegates of Subcommittee #4 of the House General Laws Committee and encourage them to oppose HB 801 (Morris) at Thursday’s meeting.


The bill reopens all of the litigation defining the standards under which localities set and charge fees.

The bill threatens the ability of a locality to create maintenance, replacement, pay-go and debt service reserve funds. For example, a locality would not be able to charge connection fees that are intended to be collected to fund a plant expansion.

The bill affects existing bond indentures with revenue covenants which may affect a locality’s bond rating.


House General Laws Committee Subcommittee #4

House General Laws Committee

House of Delegates

VACo Contacts: Dean Lynch, CAE, Phyllis Errico, CAE, and Beau Blevins

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