Capitol Contact ALERT – Support County authority to determine local tax incentives for large solar projects

January 27, 2020

SB 800 (Lewis), which advances the expiration date of the state-mandated 80 percent tax exemption from Machinery and Tool Tax (M&T) for utility-scale solar projects greater than 20 megawatts (MW) from 2024 to 2021, will be placed on the docket for the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee meeting on Wednesday, January 29, at 9 a.m.

Successful legislation supported by VACo in 2018 returned this authority to Counties for projects 150 MW or larger in capacity in advance of the 2024 expiration date.

Action Required – Contact Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee Members today and express your support for SB 800.


  • Solar facilities generating greater than 20 MW and less than 150 MW in generating capacity can occupy anywhere from several hundred acres to more than two square miles and are, in effect, largescale power plants with oversized footprints.
  • SB 800 allows localities, at their discretion, to provide a tax incentive for these larger installations.


Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee: Howell (Chair), Saslaw, Norment, Hanger, Lucas, Newman, Ruff, Vogel, Barker, Edwards, Deeds, Locke, Petersen, Marsden, Ebbin, McClellan

Email all committee members at once – Senate Finance and Appropriations

VACo Contacts: Joe Lerch, AICP and Chris McDonald, Esq.

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