Call your senator to oppose exemption for solar energy equipment

January 29, 2014


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Call your senator to oppose exemption for solar energy equipment

Please call your Senator to oppose legislation that exempts solar energy equipment from state and local taxation.

The Senate Finance Committee on January 28 overwhelmingly reported SB 418 (Hanger). The bill should be up for final vote in the Senate on Thursday.

Under current law, localities have the option of exempting such equipment from taxation. These bills would make the exemption mandatory.


• This bill mandates that local governments subsidize an industry that cannot compete in the marketplace.

• If it is a policy goal to encourage solar-powered development, then the state should provide a grant program for that purpose.

• Local taxpayers should not have to subsidize technologies that cannot otherwise be profitable in the private sector.

Senate of Virginia

VACo Contact: Dean Lynch, CAE


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