Brunswick Agreement Template

September 12, 2021

To help you choose which of the 7 model research cooperation agreements best fits the circumstances of your project, a decision guide guides you through some of the principles and criteria you want to take into account when deciding on ownership and rights of use of intellectual property. It may be useful to read this guide before using any of the Model Research Cooperation Agreements. The United Kingdom Clinical Research Collaboration has published a series of model agreements that sponsors and “bar” host institutions can use for commercial research on medical devices, research with contract research organizations, and commercial research on primary supply. The institutions that have registered for its use are as follows: we believe it is reasonable to expect universities to be willing to sign identical terms for incoming and outgoing transfers for routine material transfers. Although this agreement can be used unilaterally, we believe that it will be more effective as the basis for an agreement between two institutions for all routine transfers between them in both directions. . . .

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