Blanket Agreement In Sap B1

September 12, 2021

We will also talk about lump sum agreements. Now, lump sum deals are a very handy tool if you know what it can actually accomplish. Generally, long-term newcomers, either with your customers and suppliers, so there are other names that could be mentioned as a call outside the order or a lump sum order. There are a number of names, but actually it is a long-term agreement with a trading partner. And you can recover this agreement for a certain period of time. I will give you a few examples. Customers can use distribution coverage contracts in SAP Business One in the Sana online store. Distribution coverage agreements can only be used in Sana by B2B customers and sales agents. So, some good tools here, if you need such a device in the system. So, I have this package, package number one, and what I can do just to show you that it works is just go back to the customer order that I`ve already created, and then I`m going to enter a BMX bike, so I have a BMX in order, and I choose a BMX force bike, and you`ll see, that the price of this BMX bike is $700, and this is taken from the framework agreement. In the same way that I can tell what flat-rate agreements are used, so if I maximize that, I have here a column called Blanket Agreement Number, and I can see that Blanket Agreement One is currently in use.

So there are things about lump sum agreements. I hope this will give you a little awareness of how package agreements can work. And of course, if you have any questions, the installation depends on one location to another and other factors that we have put in place in your given system. So we have this agreement here. It`s the year 2018. I have the signing date because I ended up unsubscribing. And then we have to do things like give a description. And it makes life easier if you apply items to a sales order to understand which framework agreement is being applied. You can assign multiple framework agreements to a customer or supplier, so just be careful with this descriptor. Just to make sure, for example, that you apply the right framework agreement to a sales order. This information comes from the distribution coverage contract in SAP Business One….

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