Bill allows local DSS employees to file petitions

February 4, 2016


SB 417 (Vogel) will be heard in tomorrow’s Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee. The bill allows designated nonattorney employees of a local department of social services to (1) initiate a case on behalf of the local department by appearing before an intake officer and (2) complete, sign, and file with the clerk of the juvenile and domestic relations district court, on forms approved by the Supreme Court of Virginia, petitions for foster care review, petitions for permanency planning hearings, petitions to establish paternity, motions to establish or modify support, motions to amend or review an order, and motions for a rule to show cause. The bill also directs directors of local departments of social services to designate nonattorney employees who are authorized to perform such tasks

VACo supports the bill as it would allow localities to continue the practice of designating nonattorney employees to file petitions with the court and avoid the cost of having to hire an attorney to perform the task.

VACo Contact: Beau Blevins


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