2014 County Chairs and Vice Chairs

March 6, 2014

VACo would like to recognize the 2014 board chairs and vice chairs from each VACo member. We wish them all a productive and successful year.

Accomack County
Chair: John C. “Jack” Gray
Vice Chair: C. Reneta Major

Albemarle County
C: Jane D. Dittmar
VC: Diantha H. McKeel

Alleghany County
C: Stephen A. Bennett
VC: Cletus W. Nicely

Amelia County
C: Franklin D. Harris
VC: Ellsworth J. Bennett

Amherst County
C: Robert M. Curd
VC: Donald W. Kidd

Appomattox County
C: Ronald C. Spiggle
VC: William H. Craft

Arlington County
C: G. N. “Jay” Fisette, Jr.
VC: Mary Hughes Hynes

Augusta County
C: Larry J. Wills
VC: Micahel L. Shull

Bath County
C: Bruce W. McWilliams
VC: Henry K. Fry

Bedford County
C: John R. Sharp
VC: Tamara F. Parker

Bland County
C: Randy L. Johnson
VC: Karen H. Hodock

Botetourt County
C: Donald M. Scothorn
VC: L. W. “Jack” Leffel, Jr.

Brunswick County
C: Bernard L. Jones, Sr.
VC: Barbara J. Drummond

Buchanan County
C: G. Roger Rife
VC: William P. Harris

Buckingham County
C: Donald E. Bryan
VC: I. Monroe Snoddy

Campbell County
C: James D. Puckett
VC: James A. Borland

Caroline County
C: Floyd W. Thomas, Jr.
VC: Jeffery M. Sili

Carroll County
C: David V. Hutchins
VC: Phil D. McCraw

Charles City County
C: William G. Coada
VC: Gilbert A. Smith

Charlotte County
C: Nancy R. Carwile
VC: Haywood J. Hamlet

Chesterfield County
C: James M. Holland
VC: Stephen A. Elswick

Clarke County
C: J. Michael Hobert
VC: David S. Weiss

Craig County
C: Fred C. Craft
VC: Martha Murphy

Culpeper County
C: Steven L. Walker
VC: Steven E. Nixon

Cumberland County
C: David E. Meinhard
VC: Lloyd Banks, Jr.

Dickenson County
C: Donnie W. Rife
VC: Franklin D. Sykes

Dinwiddie County
C: William D. Chavis
VC: Daniel D. Lee

Essex County
C: E. Stanley Langford, Jr.
VC: Edwin E. Smith, Jr.

Fairfax County
C: Sharon S. Bulova
VC: Penelope A. Gross

Fauquier County
C: Chester W. Stribling
VC: R. Holder Trumbo, Jr.

Floyd County
C: Case C. Clinger
VC: Virgel H. Allen

Fluvanna County
C: Mozell H. Booker
VC: Robert W. Ullenbruch

Franklin County
C: David R. Cundiff
VC: E. Cline Brubaker

Frederick County
C: Richard C. Shickle
VC: Charles S. DeHaven, Jr.

Giles County
C: Barbara M. Hobbs
VC: B. Scott Dunn

Gloucester County
C: Robert J. “JJ” Orth
VC: Ashley C. Chriscoe

Grayson County
C: John K. Brewer
VC: Brenda R. Sutherland

Greene County
C: James F. Frydl
VC: David L. Cox

Greensville County
C: Peggy R. Wiley
VC: Michael W. Ferguson

Halifax County
C: Thomas E. West
VC: William B. Claiborne

Hanover County
C: Sean M. Davis
VC: Wayne T. Hazzard

Henrico County
C: Patricia S. O’Bannon
VC: Frank J. Thornton

Henry County
C: H. G. Vaughn
VC: Tommy J. Slaughter

Highland County
C: Kevin W. Wagner
VC: David Blanchard, Jr.

Isle of Wight County
C: Byron B. Bailey
VC: Rex W. Alphin

James City County
C: Mary K. Jones
VC: Michael J. Hipple

King and Queen County
C: R. F. “Rusty” Bailey, Jr.
VC: James L. Simpkins

King George County
C: Joseph W. Grzeika
VC: James B. Howard

King William County
C: Otto Orlando Williams
VC: Terry S. Stone

Lancaster County
C: B. Wally Beauchamp
VC: Jason D. Bellows

Lee County
C: Charles H. Slemp, Jr.
VC: Tina M. Rowe

Loudoun County
C: Scott K. York
VC: Shawn M. Williams

Louisa County
C: Willie L. Gentry, Jr.
VC: Fitzgerald A. Barnes

Lunenburg County
C: Edward W. Pennington
VC: Charles R. Slayton

Madison County
C: Doris G. Lackey
VC: Robert C. Jackson

Mathews County
C: Charles E. Ingram
VC: O .J. Cole

Mecklenburg County
C: Glenn E. Barbour
VC: Gregg Gordon

Middlesex County
C: John D. “Jack” Miller
VC: Elizabeth B. Hurd

Montgomery County
C: William H. Brown
VC: Mary W. Biggs

Nelson County
C: Constance Brennan
VC: Larry D. Saunders

New Kent County
C: Thomas W. Evelyn
VC: C. Thomas Tiller

Northampton County
C: Larry E. LeMond
VC: Richard L. Hubbard

Northumberland County
C: Ronald L. Jett
VC: Richard F. Haynie

Nottoway County
C: Clarence A. Simpson
VC: Steven W. Bowen

Orange County
C: S. Teel Goodwin
VC: Lee H. Frame, Jr.

Page County
C: John R. Woodward
VC: Dorothy F. Pendley

Patrick County
C: Crystal P. Harris
VC: Karl Von Weiss

Pittsylvania County
C: Jessie L. Barksdale
VC: Tim R. Barber

Powhatan County
C: Carson L. Tucker
VC: David T. Williams

Prince Edward County
C: Howard F. Simpson
VC: Pattie Cooper-Jones

Prince George County
C: William A. Robertson, Jr.
VC: Jerry J. Skalsky

Prince William County
C: Corey A. Stewart
VC: Michael C. May

Pulaski County
C: Joseph L. Sheffey
VC: Charles R. Bopp

Rappahannock County
C: Roger A. Welch
VC: S. Bryant Lee

Richmond County
C: F. Lee Sanders
VC: Richard E. Thomas, Sr.

Roanoke County
C: Joseph P. McNamara
VC: P. Jason Peters

Rockbridge County
C: John M. Higgins
VC: David W. Hinty, Jr.

Rockingham County
C: Pablo Cuevas
VC: Michael A. Breeden

Russell County
C: Jon I. Bowerbank, VII
VC: R. Joseph Puckett

Scott County
C: Danny P. Mann
VC: Beryl E. Maness

Shenandoah County
C: David E. Ferguson
VC: Conrad A. Helsley

Smyth County
C: Wade H. Blevins, Jr.
VC: M. Todd Dishner

Southampton County
C: Dallas O. Jones
VC: Ronald M. West

Spotsylvania County
C: David L. Ross
VC: Timothy J. McLaughlin

Stafford County
C: Jack R. Cavalier
VC: Gary F. Snellings

Surry County
C: Ernest L. Blount
VC: Judy S. Lyttle

Sussex County
C: C. Eric Fly
VC: Robert E. Hamlin

Tazewell County
C: Charles A. Stacy
VC: Seth R. White

Warren County
C: Daniel J. Murray, Jr.
VC: Linda Poe Glavis

Washington County
C: Phillip B. McCall
VC: Randy L. Pennington

Westmoreland County
C: Darryl E. Fisher
VC: W. W. Hynson, Jr.

Wise County
C: Robert R. Adkins
VC: Virginia H. Meador

Wythe County
C: Timothy A. Reeves, Sr.
VC: Arthur E. Hall

York County
C: Donald E. Wiggins
VC: Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr.

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