Visit Orange County and the Montpelier Train Depot

March 17, 2014


On the winding roads of Route 20 in Orange County, Virginia, stands a century-old train depot, home to the local Montpelier Station, Virginia post office.

On February 21, 2010, it became the home of James Madison’s Montpelier’s newest exhibit — The Montpelier Train Depot: In the Time of Segregation. In 2008, the Montpelier Foundation undertook a one-year renovation of the Depot.

They restored the Depot to the way it was in the 1910s in order to document a time of legalized segregation in Virginia and throughout the United States.
Montpelier dedicated The Montpelier Train Depot: In the Time of Segregation to the memory of Russell Coffin Childs, a former Montpelier special projects director. It was his vision to restore the Montpelier Train Depot to educate the public about the “Jim Crow” era.

Thanks to Childs’ vision and dedication, Montpelier will be able to share the truth of all of our American history with generations to come.


Address: 11350 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station, VA 22957


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