Public Animal Shelter Bill Carried Over for Year

January 29, 2018

SB 175 (Stanley) requires that a public animal shelter must wait three days before euthanizing a dog or cat when a person has notified the shelter of his intent to adopt or take custody of the animal. This bill has been carried over for the year.

The chief concerns with SB 175 have been (1) the fiscal impact to localities and (2) the number of times this three-day wait period can be invoked for one animal. Senator Bill Stanley introduced a substitute bill on January 25 that addressed the latter concern, stipulating that a shelter “shall only be obligated to observe one three-day period per individual animal.”  The bill’s fiscal impact – estimated to be as high as $230,000 to some localities – remains a concern.

Senator Stanley will continue to work on and refine this legislation over the course of the next year.

VACo Contact: Chris McDonald, Esq.

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