New Option for Medicaid Coverage for Local and Regional Jail Inmates’ Inpatient Hospital Care

December 20, 2016

As outlined in a recent article in American Jails Magazine co-authored by Jeff Gore, recent changes in state policy now allow inmates at local and regional jails to apply for Medicaid coverage for inpatient hospital services.

This new policy has the potential to save localities significant dollars by enabling Medicaid to cover hospitalization costs that are currently being absorbed locally. Inmates would have to meet financial eligibility criteria and fall under one of the existing Medicaid eligibility categories to qualify.  

Click here to read the article, which provides a case study of how the Riverside Regional Jail Authority implemented a process to obtain Medicaid coverage for inpatient treatment for its inmates. (Article linked with permission of the American Jail Association) (Jeff Gore is a partner with Hefty Wiley & Gore, P.C.)

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