House Advances Legislation Impacting Worker’s Compensation

January 29, 2018

The House Commerce and Labor Committee favorably reported, and referred to the House Appropriations Committee, two pieces of legislation impacting worker’s compensation for firefighters, correctional officers, and local police.

HB 107 (Bell, John) adds correctional officers to the list of public safety officers eligible for a presumption that their hypertension, heart disease, and certain other conditions are occupational diseases under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. This bill was reported favorably by the Committee on January 25 by a vote of 20-1.

HB 1245 (Hugo) adds new cancers to the existing list of conditions currently presumed to be an occupational disease when developed by certain public safety employees and therefore covered by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. Furthermore, HB 1245 eliminates a requirement that the covered employee who develops cancer have had contact with a toxic substance in the line of duty. HB 1245 was reported by the Committee on January 25 by a 21-0 vote.

VACo Contact: Angela Inglett

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