Governor’s Amendments and Vetoes to be Considered at April 18 Reconvened Session

April 11, 2018

Governor Ralph Northam released his final amendments to legislation from the 2018 regular session on Monday, April 9.  Gubernatorial amendments to 53 bills (including House and Senate pairs) will be considered by the General Assembly on April 18 at the Reconvened Session.  For the Governor’s amendments to be accepted, both chambers must agree.  Governor’s amendments may be accepted in whole or in part.  If the General Assembly rejects the Governor’s amendments (either in whole or in part), the bill is returned to the Governor, who then has 30 days to take final action on the legislation by signing or vetoing the bill; if the Governor fails to act before the 30-day deadline, the bill becomes law without his or her signature.

At the Reconvened Session, the General Assembly will also consider 10 bills vetoed by the Governor.  A super-majority vote of two-thirds of members present (which must include a majority of members elected) in each chamber is required to override a gubernatorial veto.

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