DEQ seeking input on Clean Power Plan

September 2, 2015

On August 3, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its final Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions (greenhouse gases) from existing power plants that generate electricity from fossil fuels.

These new EPA rules are expected to have a major impact upon Virginia.  Therefore, prior to taking any formal action, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is gathering general input from the public on the best way for Virginia to implement EPA’s emission guidelines for existing power plants.(see EPA’s website at http://www2.epa/gov/carbon-pollution-standards).

In addition to receiving general input from the public, the Commonwealth is also interested in identifying and collecting input from vulnerable and overburdened communities. These communities include low-income communities, communities with minority populations, communities most vulnerable to the effects of sea-level rise and communities where economies may be affected by changes in the utility power and related sectors.

There are several ways for local officials to be informed, by visiting:

Visiting DEQ’s Greenhouse Gas Web Page at This page is updated as new information and opportunities for public comment become available.

Sign up for a Greenhouse Gas RSS feed at You will receive an email when there is an opportunity for public comments.

Sign up for Town Hall notification at You will receive an email when there is an opportunity for public participation.

More information is available by contacting

Source: DEQ memorandum dated August 26, 2015.

VACo Contact: Larry Land, CAE

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