Wireless bill erodes local decision-making authority for the siting of towers and poles

January 15, 2018

VACo Opposes Gutting of Local Authority for Siting of Wireless Towers and Poles

January 9, 2018

Chamber of Commerce releases updated business plan

December 5, 2017

VACo Releases 2018 Legislative Program

November 21, 2017

State revenue projections expected to cover major expenses with little to spare for other high priorities

November 21, 2017

VACo Recognizes Winners of Go Green Program

November 16, 2017

VACo releases 2018 Preliminary Legislative Program

October 3, 2017

October 6 is the deadline to submit Go Green Scores

October 3, 2017

Counties eligible for grants to support agriculture and forestry economic development

October 3, 2017

Panel recommends actions for legislature to close gap in funding for transit

September 15, 2017

State approves new funding formula for local 911 programs

September 15, 2017

McAuliffe Administration proposes changes to Smart Scale application process, including limits on the number of applications per funding cycle – Comments due October 20

September 1, 2017

Commonwealth Transportation Board revises revenue sharing guidelines

August 2, 2017

Regional FirstNet/AT&T State Plan Conferences

August 2, 2017

Broadband, economic development, recycling and solar energy discussed at Region 4 Meeting

June 16, 2017

Wireless companies seek uniform approval process for new towers that would limit local authority

June 5, 2017

General Assembly holds Reconvened Session

April 6, 2017

Governor’s Amendments and Vetoes to be Considered at Reconvened Session

April 4, 2017

VACo Team Legislative Wrap for the 2017 General Assembly Session

February 24, 2017

Short-term rental bill passes House

February 22, 2017