VACo opposes bill to curb local authority for the provision of broadband services

January 13, 2017

Bills establish trade secret status for ‘fracking’ chemicals

January 13, 2017

2017 GENERAL ASSEMBLY CONVENES; Look for Capitol Contact on Tuesdays and Thursdays

January 10, 2017


December 19, 2016

Speaker Howell previews the upcoming legislative session

December 19, 2016

Key Dates for 2017 General Assembly Session

December 19, 2016

VACo Releases 2017 Legislative Program

December 2, 2016

Virginia’s Economy and Budget Need a Reboot

August 29, 2016

VACo sends Budget Letter to Governor

March 22, 2016

VACo reports on General Assembly budget and bills of interest

March 17, 2016

General Assembly Session Update on Bills of Interest

March 15, 2016

General Assembly Conference Budget Report

March 15, 2016

Contact budget conferees to support maintaining level funding for Transportation Revenue Sharing Program

March 3, 2016

General Assembly reports respective budget proposals

February 29, 2016

VACo’s Recent Capitol Contact communications

February 19, 2016

Bill limits local authority over communications towers

February 18, 2016

Bill prohibits local governments from imposing ‘fees’

February 18, 2016

Problematic Freedom of Information Act bills gone for the session

February 18, 2016

Recording Closed Sessions bill sent to House Appropriations

February 18, 2016

Bill targets union activities and creates liability for local governmental entities

February 18, 2016