Value of VACo

Virginia Association of Counties Participation and Membership Benefits

The Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) exists to support county officials and to effectively represent, promote and protect the interests of counties to better serve the people of Virginia.

VACo is rooted from four pillars – advocacy, education, membership engagement and business development.

VACo’s lobbying efforts have helped stem the tide of unfunded mandates and have saved counties millions of dollars every year. Our educational programs offer county leaders and staff opportunities to become more effective in their communities. VACo’s membership engagement include regional meetings and Board of Supervisors presentations as well as providing services for legal, financial, programmatic and other matters pertaining to county operations. Our business development opportunities offer savings and innovative approaches to delivering services at the county level. They include insurance, deferred compensation, finance and investment programs and much more.

Thank you for being a member of VACo. Let’s continue to work together to help Virginia’s counties serve its citizens to the best of their abilities.

Please contact Dean Lynch at or 804.343.2511 for more information about your membership.