Board of Directors

The VACo Executive Committee for 2017-2018 (Left to right)
Sherrin C. Alsop
(King and Queen County) | President
Bob Thomas, Jr.
(Stafford County)
Stephen W. Bowen
(Nottoway County) | First Vice President 
Mary W. Biggs
(Montgomery County) | Immediate Past President
Donald L. Hart, Jr. (Accomack County) | Secretary-Treasurer 
Not pictured – Jeff C. McKay (Fairfax County) | Second Vice President and Tim A. Reeves (Wythe County) | President-Elect

VACo’s 2017-2018 Executive Committee

VACo’s 2017-2018 Regional Directors

VACo’s Board of Directors consists of a six-member executive committee, 24 elected officials representing 13 regions of the state, three past presidents and a NACo South Region Representative. The terms are on a two-year cycle and the number of directors, per region, is based on population of that specific region.

Regional Directors are selected by the member counties within the region. The Nominating Committee presents a slate of officers of the Executive Committee to the general membership for election at VACo’s annual meeting each November.

VACo Bylaws