VACo Coastal Insurance Report

Former VACo President Jack Miller appointed Mathews County Supervisor Janine Burns to chair the VACo Coastal Insurance Committee, which was tasked to review declining real estate revenue in coastal areas. The ad-hoc committee also was tasked to determine whether coastal counties were experiencing a reduction of county revenue because of a declining insurance market. The committee met numerous times throughout the year and Chairman Burns delivered a report to the VACo Board of Directors on November 10.

Many stakeholders provided hours of research and discussion to the committee. The Committee was staffed by Dean Lynch and Larry Land and members included:

Janine Burns (Chair), Mathews County
Penny Gross, Fairfax County
James McReynolds, York County
Jack Miller, Middlesex County
Don Hart, Accomack County

Below are important links associated with the committee’s work. Maps were created by the staff of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission.


Committee Report

Appendix Committee Report

Local Data Summary

Appendix Coastal Communities Summary

HO Analysis 2002-2013


Accomack 2500
Accomack Mile

Alexandria 2500
Alexandria Mile

Arlington 2500
Arlington Mile

Caroline 2500
Caroline Mile

Charles City 2500
Charles City Mile

Chesapeake 2500
Chesapeake Mile

Chesterfield 2500
Chesterfield Mile

Colonial Heights 2500
Colonial Heights Mile

Fairfax 2500
Fairfax Mile

Fredericksburg 2500
Fredericksburg Mile

Gloucester 2500
Gloucester Mile

Hampton 2500
Hampton Mile

Hanover 2500
Hanover Mile

Henrico 2500
Henrico Mile

Hopewell 2500
Hopewell Mile

Isle Of Wight 2500
Isle Of Wight Mile

James City 2500
James City Mile

King George 2500
King George Mile

King William 2500
King William Mile

Lancaster 2500
Lancaster Mile

Mathews 2500
Mathews Mile

Middlesex 2500
Middlesex Mile

New Kent 2500
New Kent Mile

Newport News 2500
Newport News Mile

Norfolk 2500
Norfolk Mile

Northampton 2500
Northampton Mile

Northumberland 2500
Northumberland Mile

Petersburg 2500
Petersburg Mile

Poquoson 2500
Poquoson Mile

Portsmouth 2500
Portsmouth Mile

Prince George 2500
Prince George Mile

Prince William 2500
Prince William Mile

Richmond 2500
Richmond Mile

Richmond County 2500
Richmond County Mile

Spotsylvania 2500
Spotsylvania Mile

Stafford 2500
Stafford Mile

Suffolk 2500
Suffolk Mile

Surry 2500
Surry Mile

Virginia Beach 2500
Virginia Beach Mile

Westmoreland 2500
Westmoreland Mile

Williamsburg 2500
Williamsburg Mile

York 2500
York Mile