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The Voice of the

Commonwealth's Counties

Resolutions Committee

Members include the VACo Executive Committee and Chairs and Vice Chairs of Steering Committees

1       Don Hart              Accomack          Supervisor
1       William McCarty       Isle of Wight     Supervisor
2       Jason Bellows         Lancaster         Supervisor
2       Ashley Chriscoe       Gloucester        Supervisor
2       Sheila Noll           York              Supervisor
2       James Icenhour        James City        Supervisor
2       Ruth Larson(C)        James City        Supervisor
5       Ann Mallek            Albemarle         Supervisor
7       Cathy Binder          King George       Supervisor
8       Victor Angry          Prince William    Supervisor
8       Andrea Bailey         Prince William    Supervisor
8       Kathy Smith           Fairfax           Supervisor
8       Daniel Storck         Fairfax           Supervisor
8       Mike Turner           Loudoun           Supervisor
8       Kristen Umstattd      Loudoun           Supervisor
8       James Walkinshaw      Fairfax           Supervisor
9       Sallie Wolfe-Garrison Rockingham        Supervisor
9       Pamela Carter         Augusta           Supervisor
10      Jerry Boothe          Floyd           Supervisor
10      Linda DeVito Kuchenbuch Floyd           Supervisor
10      Lorie Smith           Franklin          Supervisor
11      Martha Hooker         Roanoke           Supervisor