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The Voice of the

Commonwealth's Counties

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

VACo Survey | County Employment as it relates to Marijuana | July 2023

VACo Contact: James Hutzler (804.343.2503)

REGION  MEMBER                COUNTY            TITLE
2       Ashley Chriscoe(VC)   Gloucester        Supervisor
4       Tracy Gee             Lunenburg         County Administrator
4       Taylor Harvie         Amelia            County Administrator
4       Dexter Jones          Amelia            Supervisor
5       Ann Mallek            Albemarle         Supervisor
5       Ernie Reed            Nelson            Supervisor
6       Bev McKay             Clarke            Supervisor
6       Robert Wells          Frederick         Supervisor
7       Debbie Donehey        Rappahannock      Supervisor
7       Jeff Stonehill        King George       Supervisor
9       Matt Garten           Alleghany         Supervisor
9       Dewey Ritchie         Rockingham        Supervisor
9       Michael Shull         Augusta           Supervisor
9       Sallie Wolfe-Garrison(C) Rockingham     Supervisor
10      Jerry Boothe          Floyd             Supervisor
10      Michael Carter        Franklin          Supervisor
10      Joe Turman            Floyd             Supervisor
10      Clifton Tweedy        Campbell          Deputy County Administrator