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Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors Chairman


Q1. What led you to pursue a career in public administration? What advice would you give to others considering such a career path?
Darryl Fisher: Having deep roots in Westmoreland County, having lived here all of my life, having following generations of change makers in Westmoreland County; people who have contributed to the progress of this County , it is an honor to follow in this tradition of service in the office of a local government official.

Q2. Between running your business and serving as pastor of a church, you have a full, busy life in the community. What made you decide to run for public office?
DF: The balance of running a private business, pastoring a church, as well as family life sometimes becomes difficult along with holding public office. But, when you’re a person of strong faith and you know each position holds its own significance, you find a way to allow each position to contribute to the greater cause, which is during your season, making this community a better place for all.

Q3. You’ve served on the Board for more than 20 years. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in that time?
DF: Over the past 20 + years, I’ve seen the county grow both in size, in population, and need for greater services. Among the biggest changes is the county becoming a greater retirement community, as well as a growing number of citizens living in the eounty, but commuting out for employment.

Q4. What challenges and opportunities do you see facing Westmoreland County in the next 20 years?
DF: Meeting the needs of an increasingly aging population as well as addressing and preparing for the next generation of adults who will depend on the foundation that we must lay for them to be able to continue to propel us forward into the next century.

Q5. You were recently named to the GO Virginia Regional Council.  What are your economic development goals for Westmoreland County?
DF: Economic goals for Westmoreland County will hinge on aiding and assisting businesses in growth and stability as well as preparing for future development opportunities by having infrastructure in place to accommodate businesses that are looking to locate in a rural area, just outside of a major metropolitan area. Examples would be creating a new industrial park as swell as expanding water and sewer services.

Q5. If someone were visiting Westmoreland County for the first time, what would you recommend as must-see sights and must-do activities?
DF: Visiting the birthplaces of Presidents George Washington and James Monroe, as well as the local Westmoreland County Museums, along with the Westmoreland State Park, and any of a number of fine seafood restaurants.

VACo Contact: Katie Boyle