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Conduent stands ready to assist VACo members

Conduent is a strong Fortune 1,000 company with significant expertise in Transportation solutions. As one of the leading providers for Public Safety, Electronic Tolling, Parking and Curbside Management as well as Transit, Conduent has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to facilitate successful programs for its county clients. Conduent recently joined VACo as a Premier Partner and stands ready to assist its members in meeting their transportation needs.

During the 2020 General Assembly session the Virginia Legislature enacted HB 1442 (Jones) authorizing state and local law-enforcement agencies to operate photo speed monitoring devices in or around school crossing zones and highway work zones, which are often dangerous areas for both pedestrians and drivers. Conduent provides the data analytics, automated photo enforcement and other public safety solutions to make streets safer. For more than 20 years, we have supplied the tools, technology and guidance for successful public safety programs in communities large and small. Our hardware, software and services work as one in helping public safety and transportation agencies improve operational efficiency, policing effectiveness and resident safety.

Safety is the most important aspect of any automated speed enforcement program. Other benefits to counties of photo enforcement also include reduced direct interactions with the public, which increases the safety of law enforcement, and violators providing funding to counties through civil penalties.

To learn more about the impacts and opportunities of HB 1442, VACo and Conduent will host a web presentation on September 14th and September 21st from 1pm – 2pm. Please RSVP with your date preference to VACo team member, Karie Walker, Coordinator of Programs and Development, or 804-343-2504.

In addition here is a link to some of Conduent’s offerings for photo enforcement to help familiarize yourself:

From Conduent’s experience, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and every county has unique needs. Conduent can provide solutions that help each county achieve its public safety goals. Conduent has automated systems outfitted in or on vehicles that can be driven to where they are most needed, in portable camera units (“PCUs” or Box Cams) that are moved by our field service technicians at the county’s direction to enforcement locations, or fixed poles, which are permanent, stationary locations where constant enforcement is necessary. Conduent also has a leading back-office capability, which provides violation processing using our easy-to-use robust platform Citeweb™, multiple levels of violation processing review for increased accuracy, customer service, adjudication and court support, payment processing, and citation and correspondence printing and mailing.

Conduent’s primary contact, should you have interest in discussing an automated speed enforcement program is Dan Seid, and he can be reached at or 202.345.7131.