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Build a customized American Rescue Plan funding report with ARP ACTion

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) offers public sector organizations a momentous opportunity to recover and grow post-pandemic. State and local governments, tribal governments, school districts and municipal utilities all have a responsibility to strategically align ARP spending with the needs of your community. At the same time, public officials are tasked with daily obligations to keep operations and finances running smoothly. A tailored tool that helps assess and prioritize funding based on unique community and stakeholder input is a welcomed solution for governmental entities.

Introducing: Baker Tilly’s ARP ACTion application. This app provides a customized strategic funding report that can be easily shared with elected officials, department heads and community members to proactively communicate spending plans and priorities and continuously solicit feedback.

ARP ACTion helps you:

  • Identify your community’s available funding opportunities
  • Prioritize eligible expenses and investments
  • Solicit equitable responses from community leads and aggregate them for equal input
  • Account for interlocal collaboration opportunities
  • Communicate your funding strategy in a highly organized, analytical and visual way
  • Engage with peers and our specialized ARP advisory team

Get started with your strategy now, for tomorrow. Visit to watch a brief video about ARP ACTion or to request a demo.