State approves new funding formula for local 911 programs

September 15, 2017

On September 14, the 9-1-1 Services Board adopted a recalculation of the wireless 9-1-1 funding distribution formula that localities receive to operate their emergency call centers. The revised formula is based on a combination of call load data and 2018 population estimates, and will result in some localities receiving more, or less, starting July 1, 2018. This chart shows the estimated impact of the new formula for each of the 119 PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) facilities required to be equipped and staffed on a 24-hour basis.

On July 31, VACo notified all county administrators of the proposed change to the formula, including the estimated impacts in funds distributed to each PSAP facility. At a minimum, each facility will be allocated $40,000 annually.

In order to effectuate this change in the distribution, the 2018 General Assembly will need to pass a law to incorporate “population” and remove “cost” in the funding formula parameters, as currently prescribed in state code.

VACo Contact: Joe Lerch

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