We Represent Counties

VACo exists to support county officials and to effectively represent, promote and protect the interests of counties to better serve the people
of Virginia.

VACo Videos

VACo supports county efforts to produce video communications.

What a Great Video! Visit Louisa County

VACo Supervisors Certification

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Making a Governance Difference
Opening Session: Friday, March 11
Closing Session: Friday, April 22
Locations: Albemarle County
Cost: $350 per person
Registration Deadline: March 1
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VACo Contact: Phyllis Errico, CAE

County Employment

The Virginia Association of Counties accepts employment ads in a WORD file or pasted inside an e-mail. Please do not fax your employment ad.

VACo members are not charged for placing an employment ad. The cost is $50 per ad for non-VACo members. VACo publishes the ad on its website and mobile website and on its Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the upcoming County Connections issue.

If you have any questions or concerns, please
e-mail Gage Harter.

Current employment opportunities